Wild Vietnam – Life on the Edge

Vietnam, where Southeast Asia’s tropical ecosystems meet the milder environment of the Asian mainland. Vietnam stretches for 1,600 kilometers from north to south, from the cooler foothills of the Himalayas through tropical rainforests and breath-taking limestone formations, to southern regions shaped by monsoon rains and the vast floodplains of the Mekong Delta. Vietnam is a paradise, a Hotspot of Biodiversity and home of many unique animal and plant species. Vietnam is home to an astounding 25 different monkey species. Among them is the world’s rarest primate, the white-headed langur. The natural paradise of Vietnam has been under threat for decades. The last US troops left the country less than 50 years ago, leaving behind a battle-scarred wasteland. Nature has fought its way back from the brink, and few traces of the war’s ‘ecocide’ remain. Having survived the dangers of the past, Vietnam’s animals now face an even greater threat: the unsustainable international economy. Tourism is booming in Vietnam and the number of visitors grows every year. Throughout the country, natural areas are giving way to roads and hotels. But there is hope. More and more young people fight for the conservation of Vietnam´s nature.